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The lodge is surrounded by miles and miles of hiking trails both on our property as well as in the surrounding Río Azul-Lago Escondido Natural Protected Area. There are more than a dozen mountain huts in this area, including the famous Refugio Cajón del Azul, which have made El Bolsón a popular destination for hiking and backpacking in Patagonia in recent years. You can access all of these and more, right from our doorstep.

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All of the following hiking trails are accessible directly from the lodge. You can choose from short trails, day hikes or a multi-day adventure with one or more nights out in the backcountry. Unless otherwise noted, all trails can be completed on a self-guided basis, although qualified local mountain guides are always available for hire if you and your group prefer to hit the trails in the company of a seasoned pro. 

The following routes can be hiked in their entirety, or you can choose to do an out-and-back hike from La Confluencia to any of the points of interest along the way.


The "Circuito Troncal" is the main trail leading through the Río Azul-Lago Escondido Natural Protected Area (ANPRALE). This trail extends more than 20 kilometers from La Confluencia to Refugio "Los Laguitos" on the shores on Lago Lahuan. Along the way, you'll pass by many of the mountain huts that have made El Bolsón such a popular destination for hiking and backpacking in recent years, including the famous Refugio Cajón del Azul.



“The shelters, like many hikers’ huts in the Alps and elsewhere, are deliberately simple places whose main function is to provide walkers with a roof and a warm meal... With hot showers, homegrown vegetables, homemade bread, and limit­less campfire camaraderie, they make exceptionally welcoming bases for explorations of the Andean backcountry.”


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Some mountain biking groups, including those from SACRED RIDES, choose to use La Confluencia as their home base for exploring trails in the area, however travel is required to reach many of the trailheads.


During the spring months, the water levels here on the Río Azul are typically high enough for whitewater rafting on the river. This activity is only available seasonally from September to December each year.


Most of the trails listed above can also be explored on horseback with a local gaucho, right from the lodge! We'll help you put together a ride based on the interests and experience of your group. 

La Confluencia is a LEAF project. 

La Confluencia Lodge & Farm in Patagonia was developed by the Land Ethic Action Foundation (LEAF) as a model in sustainable, self-sufficient living in the Río Azul-Lago Escondido Natural Protected Area.

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